Sat 12 Dec ’20 20:30 - 21:50

De Zaak Shell

Anoek Nuyens & Rebekka de Wit / Frascati Producties / De NWE Tijd i.s.m. Milieudefensie
Socially active theater about the climate
Sat 12 Dec ’20
20:30 - 21:50
  • Sat 12 Dec ’20
    20:30 - 21:50
    Sold out
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    Philipszaal: maximum 2 people next to each other.
    Hertog Jan Zaal: maximum 4 people next to each other.
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The last white male rhinoceros has become extinct. Forest fires, floods and landslides are the order of the day all over the world. What can we do to turn the tide?

Theater makers Anoek Nuyens and Rebekka de Wit make socially engaged, documentary theater and have been closely following the climate debate for years. The pair wrote a plea for each vote in the debate. All those voices come together in De Zaak Shell. Fueled by the real-life lawsuit that the independent NGO Milieudefensie is filing against the oil giant.

In the performance we see how refined everyone in the debate transfers their responsibility to another party and what consequences this has. The judge will probably not decide for a few years. Meanwhile, the winner of the public debate is determined by whoever has best prepared his role. And that is the goal of this theater performance: Anoek Nuyens and Rebekka de Wit give the audience an ultimate plea, so that everyone can better understand and play better their own role in the climate debate. Because the world is in the hands of the person with the best text and the tightest costume.

Online climate change dialogue
Under the leadership of Eindhoven in Dialoog, there will be an online dialogue about climate change this day from 16.00-18.30. You can sign up for free.

  • Safe at the theater: view the Corona measures for a safe and responsible theater visit.
  • In connection with the Corona measures, we work with an adapted hall layout. The hall is divided into sets of two seats placed together, with a distance of 1.5 meters from other available seats. Purchasing more than two tickets is possible, but note that you will not be able to sit together as a group.

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