Thu 15 Oct ’20 20:00 - 21:30

Onvoorspelbaar Verleden

Black Sheep Can Fly | Saman Amini, Nima Mohaghegh
Melancholic and enchanting
Thu 15 Oct ’20
20:00 - 21:30
  • Thu 15 Oct ’20
    20:00 - 21:30
    Hertog Jan Zaal
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Iranian-born Saman Amini is a born storyteller. He makes socially relevant performances in which he alternates humor with sharp insights.

After his successful performances A Seat At The Table and Samenloop van Omstandigheden, Saman Amini now comes with Onvoorspelbaar Verleden. A musical performance about the processing of pain and the importance of connecting with society, your loved ones and yourself.

This tragicomic story revolves around Amir, a talented and respected singer at the top of his career. Despite all his success, Amir is far from happy. He is depressed, drinks as if there is no tomorrow, and is getting further and further removed from everything that is dear to him in life.

After a failed performance, his world collapses. His fans and friends turn against him. That night, Amir drinks like never before and ends up in a black hole. When he wakes up, he is on Baarzagh beach, the station between hell and earth. Amir ends up in a hallucinatory night trip where he tries to find his way home through dark recesses and deep valleys.

Saman Amini’s strength lies in the sung narration. Sometimes he seduces you with a bittersweet blues, then he hits you around the ears with sharp raps, melancholic and enchanting. In this performance, theatrical scenes and highly personal songs merge effortlessly. And as always, Amini knows how to constantly alternate humor with sharp insights.

Saman Amini: “So many of our motives in the present are based on scars from the past. Daring to see and change dysfunctional behavioral patterns in ourselves supports the connections we have with others. And the connections with others are the essence of our existence. Connections with our families, friends and the society in which we live.


in co-production with Theater Utrecht / concept Saman Amini, Nima Mohaghegh / script Saman Amini and Nima Mohaghegh in collaboration with Arie de Mol / textual contribution Vincent van der Valk / direction, music Saman Amini / final direction, dramaturgy Nima Mohaghegh / performance Saman Amini and Arie de Mol / musical director, musician Martin Verheesen / coach Thibaud Delpeut

About Saman Amini

Saman Amini (1989) was born in the Iranian capital Tehran. At the age of 11 he came to the Netherlands with his parents. In 2014, he graduated from the Maastricht Theater Academy. In the short time since graduating, he has built up an impressive body of work both in theater and with his music.

The general public was introduced to Amini in Nobody Home (2015, directed by Daria Bukvić). Together with his partner and film director Nima Mohaghegh, he made several socially relevant productions with Black Sheep Can Fly such as: Samenloop van Omstandigheden (2016), A Seat At The Table (2017) and In het Hol van de Leeuw (2018). In 2019, A Seat At The Table was nominated for the BNG Cultuurprijs and he, together with his fellow actors and Mohaghegh, won the Toneelschrijfprijs for their performance. In the same year, he published the book Samenloop van Omstandigheden. With his music, he has generated 900,000 streams to date, and the video for his song Laat Me Toe was nominated for an Edison.

The press about A Seat At The Table
"The strength of this performance is not only in the confronting stories, but also in the visual details, the multitude of considerations and emotions, the raw songs of Amini and the glowing, excellent acting." - NRC ★★★★★
"Saman Amini gives painful, topical examples of everyday racism in the Netherlands. Sometimes in a humorous tone, sometimes hard.”- De Volkskrant ★★★★

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