Sun 15 Nov ’20 11:00 - 12:30

Zin in Zondag?

Pianomuziek op het station
Enjoy music and socializing together
Sun 15 Nov ’20
11:00 - 12:30
  • Sun 15 Nov ’20
    11:00 - 12:30
    Grote foyer
    Sold out
  • Sitting next to each other?
    Philipszaal: maximum 2 people next to each other.
    Hertog Jan Zaal: maximum 4 people next to each other.
    Are you with more people? Send a Whatsapp or call 040 2 11 11 22
    More information

New at the Parktheater: Zin in Zondag? Treat yourself and someone else to this lively Sunday morning concert.

It’s enjoyable, accessible and affordable. It’s music, a performance or a presentation. It’s for early risers who have been awake for hours, for the curious who want to peek inside the Parktheater, for internationals, and for all who like to socialize with others!

The piano at Eindhoven Central Station
It was David Hordijk’s initiative to place a piano at Eindhoven Central Station. On this morning, he tells how this came about. And of course, piano music will not be missing. David and Boris Zwaan will play their 'station repertoire' as well as unique pieces of music composed by them.

  • Price includes a cup of coffee / tea or lemonade 
  • After the show, come enjoy a special Zin-in-Zondag lunch at Smaaktheater Dertien for € 6.50 p.p. (includes cup of soup, sandwich with toppings of your choice, a boiled egg and a cup of coffee / tea or milk)
  • Safe at the theater: view the Corona measures for a safe and responsible theater visit.

The Sunday morning concerts are performed by professionals, semi-professionals and other talents. Are you someone, or do you know someone, who should appear on the Parktheater stage on Sunday morning? Please let us know by sending an email to

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