Memento Mori

Nineties Productions
Wed 30 Sep ’20 - Thu 1 Oct ’20
The performance can be seen online and live
Wed 30 Sep ’20
Thu 1 Oct ’20

Memento Mori is about saying goodbye and is a crossover between performance, dance, music, poetry and web art.

The year 2020 appears to be a global memento mori. That is why theater collective Nineties is creating an online ritual in which you are taken to the afterlife and back. Memento Mori means 'remember to die' and represents the time which we live in now: a time of letting go and saying goodbye.

The performance can be seen online via Zoom and is also played live in the Parktheater in a green screen studio. A small number of visitors can also attend the performance live.

From the press

"Both online and offline you can lose yourself with Memento Mori in a trip to the hereafter and back" (Volkskrant)
"… Nineties shows that it can be incredibly innovative" (de Cultuurvlogger)
"Memento Mori is a stimulating, ambiguous and contemplative experience - but at the same time enjoyable to watch all hour long." (Theaterkrant)

  • Spoken in English
  • If you have bought a ticket for the online performance, make sure you have installed Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link to the performance on the day of the performance itself (September 30).
  • Excludes free drink
  • Safe at the theater: view the Corona measures for a safe and responsible theater visit.

"Memento Mori puts the digital audience first." ★★★★

NRC Handelsblad


makers/actors Anne Maike Mertens, Floor Houwink ten Cate, Yannick Noomen, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti, Maya Mertens, Marius Mensink, Christiaan Verbeek / final direction Anne Maike Mertens / composition Christiaan Verbeek / stage image & video content Julian Maiwald / video design Karl Klomp / costume design Esmée Thomassen / choreography & coach Josephine van Rheenen