Lo Lie Taa

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Sun 6 Sep ’20 14:30 and 16:00
Can adults look at a child's desire with an open mind?
Sun 6 Sep ’20
14:30 and 16:00

Vladimir Nabokov's classic Lolita was first published in 1955. The - at the time controversial - book describes an adult man's obsession with a twelve-year-old girl. The novel is written entirely from the adult's perspective. What happens when we reverse this perspective?

What happens when we look from the perspective of the child, who is immensely attracted to the forbidden world of adults? The makers of Lo Lie Taa were inspired by their youth and their memories of love.

Marijn Graven (1984) creates intimate, appealing performances full of stories. They are both personal and universal. Together with her actors and the audience, she searches for answers to questions of life, large and small, assisted by a wide range of historical and fictional characters. This Lo Lie Taa is a short version of the theater performance that was shown in the Parktheater in December 2019. 

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direction and translation Marijn Graven / script Nunzio Caponio / performance and translation Benno Veenstra