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Swan Lake

Club Guy & Roni + Slagwerk Den Haag + Tomoko Mukaiyama
Thu 26 Nov ’20 - Sat 28 Nov ’20
Choose your own ending of this dance classic online or live
Thu 26 Nov ’20
Sat 28 Nov ’20

What happens when you unleash the quirky and international dance company Club Guy & Roni on the ballet classic Het Zwanenmeer? Then you get Swan Lake: a remix of the classic in the form of a parallel online and offline event at three locations in the Parktheater.

A performance about our need to escape in a perfect fairytale world and the danger of losing sight of reality.

Online and live
If you are present in the Parktheater live, you walk from scene to scene and you have to make choices along the way that determine the course of the evening. But even if you experience Swan Lake the game online, it has an influence on the outcome of this fairy tale.

Black Swan
So everyone has influence, and with influence comes responsibility. Through the responsibility of the audience at Swan Lake, the makers want to figure out how we can move forward after a crisis. 'Black swan' is an economic term for an event that cannot be predicted, but which nevertheless has a major impact on a system. 
How do we proceed now that the 'black swan' in the form of Corona and the climate crisis has blown up the fairytale of our democratic and liberal consumer paradise? Are we starting a new story together?

From the press
'Eyes and ears can fail, in the sense that the audience is overwhelmed but never overloaded.' (Dagblad van het Noorden ★★★★)
'This innovative online environment for multidisciplinary performances is a clever initiative by Club Guy & Roni and the Noord Nederlands Toneel.' (Volkskrant ★★★)
'It is to be praised that Club Guy & Roni did not let themselves be discouraged by the corona crisis, and that it continued tirelessly to create theater works under these bizarre circumstances.' (Theaterkrant)

  • Safe at the theater: view the Corona measures for a safe and responsible theater visit.
  • The performance lasts one hour and fifteen minutes. You enter the Parktheater via the loadingdocks, at the back of the building (Le Sage ten Broeklaan), not through the main entrance.
  • The performance takes place in various rooms of the theater. You follow a route walking through the Parktheater (partly behind the scenes) in a group and visit 3 different rooms. 
  • Wearing a mouth mask is required
  • You choose your starting time (via tickets), the performance lasts a total of 75 minutes
  • Listen here to Swan Lake - The Warm Up, a podcast introduction (in English) with a number of dancers and director Guy Weizman.
  • The catering is closed.

Swan Lake the Game (online)
Wander together with visitors from all over the world through the virtual Swan Lake worlds, created by our digital mastermind HALIE. Enjoy the not so classical ballet classic while creating a narrative that impacts the offline, real life happening in the theater at the same time. YOU decide how this fairy tale ends. Tickets for the online version (Swan Lake the game) are on sale: clubguyandroni.nl/swanlake 

'In these corona times, Club Guy & Roni in Groningen has proved to be truly innovative with digital alternatives' ★★★★

NRC Handelsblad


choreography Roni Haver and Guy Weizman / cast Angela Herenda, Sofiko Nachkebiya, Tatiana Matveeva, Tomoko Mukaiyama, Adam Peterson, Igor Podsiadly, Camilo Chapela, Harold Luya, Sanne den Hartogh, Fedor Teunisse, Niels Meliefste, Jonathan Bonny, Enric Monfort, Poetic Disasters Club / composer Alexandre Kordzaia