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Tue 15 Sep ’20 20:00 - 21:10

Solo's van Shane Boers en Evangelos Biskas

Corpo Máquina
Two beautiful dancers capitalize on the most elusive moments in motion
Tue 15 Sep ’20
20:00 - 21:10
  • Tue 15 Sep ’20
    20:00 - 21:10
    Hertog Jan Zaal

As a b-boy and member of the famous Tilburg Hustle Kidz Crew, Shane Boers celebrated international triumphs and became curious about the theater. Evangelos Biskas, an experimental hip-hopper, pursued formal dance training and started creating his own work.

In collaboration with Corpo Máquina, both will develop further as choreographers in the coming years. In search of mental and physical freedom, Shane and Evangelos find space in everything that presents itself as great, important and true. Each in their own inimitable way, they capitalize on the most elusive moments in motion. Moments you wouldn't want to miss for the world.

Performances by Corpo Máquina arise from a cross-fertilization of contemporary dance and influences from the street such as breakdance, free-style football, free running, house dance and pole dance. Everything that moves outside the theater walls, Corpo Máquina brings into the hall.

The connecting factor is always "Instinctive Performance", as developed by choreographer and artistic director Guilherme Miotto. It is an approach that sets the body in motion from the physical memory of previous experiences. With the body as the landscape through which the world reveals itself, "Instinctive Performance" has served also as a guide for Shane Boers and Evangelos Biskas in finding their own language and signature.

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In Between: choreography and dance Evangelos Biskas / soundscape Isaac Poels / stage design Erik van de Wijdeven
Xayani: choreography and dance Shane Boers

In Between - Evangelos Biskas

For years now, Evangelos Biskas has kept a diary of what he dreams about at night. For In Between, he retrieves moods and intentions from his dream images in order to guide and shape his intuitive approach to dance. The absurd and irrational nature of his dreams is his compass.
In In Between, Evangelos Biskas shares his bizarre isolation, uncontrolled looseness and organic flow in total open-mindedness and nonchalance with his audience. His body connects directly to everything that seems to be happening inside or within his environment. How he does that remains incredibly unpredictable. As an accomplished comedian, he always manages to surprise himself and converts lack of guidance into melancholy, humor and understatement.

Xayani - Shane Boers

Shane Boers is an exceptionally virtuoso break dancer, extremely physically gifted, and a specialist in power moves. With a scope that is, by definition, three-dimensional, he moves horizontally, vertically, diagonally and upside down, in the air or in contact with the floor, all with the same amount of ease. Raw and explosive, with a predilection for the dynamic and acrobatic.
As an audience, we witness the exceptionally candid and intimate conversation that Shane has with himself as a choreographer and dancer. As a choreographer, Shane is looking for ways to slow down his speed and unravel his movement. He finds unexpected physical solutions in the disruption. We see him taking his time to progress from one movement to the next. And just in between, he finds the emotionality in the smallest movement.
He no longer chooses what is beautiful, but what feels good. In this way, he also creates space for us to feel our own physical vulnerability and to realize that the dialogue with ourselves, and finding out exactly how something works, always deliver new insights.

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