Fri 18 Jun ’21 18:00 - Sun 27 Jun ’21 22:00

Theaterfestival de Parade

For the first time in Eindhoven
Fri 18 Jun ’21
Sun 27 Jun ’21
18:00 - 22:00
  • Fri 18 Jun ’21
    Sun 27 Jun ’21
    18:00 - 22:00

Theaterfestival de Parade is coming to Eindhoven for the first time. From June 18 to June 27, the theater caravan will settle on the lawn next to the Parktheater. We are very proud that Eindhoven is now one of the Parade cities

This edition will be slightly smaller and slightly different than what you’ve been used to from de Parade. This year, you can buy a Parade package including two performances and delicious food and drinks. The program includes performances from companies such as Het Zuidelijk Toneel, ISH Dance Collective, and Remko Vrijdag & Rutger de Bekker.

Parade Packages in Eindhoven
Parade packages come in all shapes and sizes and last 2.5 hours; all you have to do is choose which program suits you best. As always, you buy your package for a specific day and time. That way we know you're coming. and we keep a spot free. You can also choose between a dinner package or a late-night package.

June 18 - 21: Het Zuidelijk Toneel + Remko Friday & Rutger de Bekker
Elsie de Brauw, Joep van der Geest, Joachim Robbrecht and others play a whole class of students, their parents, and the teaching staff in the performance Eins Zwei Schweinerei by Het Zuidelijk Toneel, and The Good and the Ugly is a hilarious, moving, brash, loving, funny and musical commentary on these rather bizarre times by Remko Vrijdag and Rutger de Bekker – formerly De Vliegende Panters.

June 22 - 24: 155 + The Poezieboys
155 (one five five) is a formation of creative friends brought together by a shared passion for styles of movement, music, film, bizarre humor and art. In Eindhoven, they’ll perform STUK: a piece with four boys who feel like breaking things in a world that is broken to pieces. The Poezieboys will present FRITZI – a myth about poet Fritzi Harmsen van Beek.

June 25 - 27: SeaSession with Frank and René Groothof + ISH Dance Collective
Frank and René Groothof present an evening variety show full of music, skits, botched circus acts and film in Circus Charms, and ISHterious is a dazzling dance performance by four unique hip-hop dancers. Accompanied by the tight beats of Deejay Irie, they meet on stage to dance off the past year.

  • The full program, more information and ticket sales can be found on the Theaterfestival de Parade website.
  • Note: This is a Test for Access event

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