Lesley Pols

Harrie neemt de benen

Jon van Eerd e.a.
Wed 26 Jan ’22 19:00 - 21:25
Hysterical whirlwind of hilarious situations
Wed 26 Jan ’22
19:00 - 21:25
  • Wed 26 Jan ’22
    19:00 - 21:25
    Pauze 20:00
    Hertog Jan Zaal
    Past event

Harry is back. And wow! In this brand-new top comedy, Jon van Eerd shows off his best side. Surrounded by a top cast, he brings Harrie back in the most impossible of situations.

In Harrie neemt de benen, police officers Harrie Vermeulen and his cousin Barrie Vermeulen

take an assignment to bust up an illegal house of pleasure. But this is no easy task. The villains are difficult to sniff out, and the infamous Madame Claude and her assistant Bibs are always too quick for these two not-so-bright officers.  Although the Chief Commissioner, in desperation, decides to close the case, Harrie and Barrie refuse to give up. Without an official charge, they secretly go to war to try to catch the ladies in the act.

Countless disguises, plans and playbooks are tried. But regardless of if they pretend to be plumbers, Tupperware salesmen, pole dancers or Harrie Krishna solicitors, the proof is difficult to obtain. Especially difficult after the two accidentally swallow a whole jar of Viagra. But then the commissioner reveals a surprising truth. And Bibs turns out to be not who she says she is.

In this hysterical whirlwind of hilarious situations, Harrie and his cronies will blow you off your seat with laughter.

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Featuring Jon van Eerd, Arie Cupé, Joey Schalker and Margo Dames Script Jon van Eerd Music Mark Kuypers Director Caroline Frerichs Set decor Marjolein Ettema Lighting design Uri Rapaport