Daniel J. Ashes

Familiekroniek: OUMI, DAD, JA

Nasrdin Dchar
Sat 2 Oct ’21 17:00 - 21:30
Three successful solo performances in one evening
Sat 2 Oct ’21
17:00 - 21:30
  • Sat 2 Oct ’21
    17:00 - 21:30
    Pauze 18:00

Binge watch with master storyteller Nasrdin Dchar! Experience all three of his successful solo performances in one evening at the Parktheater! In a disarming way, Nasrdin talks about the most important people in his life: his mother, his father and his wife. He takes you into his life and along on his quest as the son of Moroccan parents in the Netherlands: his country.

This family chronicle is a three-part performance about loyalty, finding your place and, of course, about love. Three intimate stories presented with honesty and humor to tell a bigger story. Or, as Het Parool aptly put it: “An important oeuvre that encourages connection.”

In Oumi (my mother), Nasrdin plays his mother, and through her, a whole generation of Moroccan women. “A story of memory, wonder, melancholy and resilience - disarming and fresh”, according to de Volkskrant. In DAD (father), Nasrdin enters into a dialogue with his father, whom he himself plays, and he reflects upon his own fatherhood. A performance about generations. About emigration. About then, now and later. “DAD by Nasrdin Dchar relates to us all.” – NRC. In JA, Nasrdin shows how bumpy the path of love can be. He tells the story of the love between him and his wife Amy. A journey through continents and cultures, his own search for adulthood and especially for love and connection. “An important and delightful performance”, Trouw wrote in its five-star review.

“This family chronicle is a journey through time, an introduction to the Dchar family, an ode to migration stories and a look at a changing society. A huge challenge for me. Hopefully an unforgettable experience for the public”, says Nasrdin.

The three performances can be seen consecutively in one evening. During one of the breaks, there will be a meal provided by Nadia Zerouali and Samira Dahmani from the Couscousbar in Amsterdam. This makes it a feast for all the senses. Or in the words of Nadia: “Just like Nasrdin's theater performances touch your heart, this is how our mama's couscous feeds your soul!"


Scripts & acting Nasrdin Dchar Scripts & direction Floris van Delft Script Oumi Maria Goos

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