Naakt - Nuda Veritas

Isabelle Beernaert
Tue 15 Feb ’22 20:00 - 21:10
Pure, honest, transparent, raw
Tue 15 Feb ’22
20:00 - 21:10
  • Tue 15 Feb ’22
    20:00 - 21:10
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Isabelle Beernaert knows how to touch your heart with her dance. After Le Temps perdu and Laat Me, Naakt is her eleventh choreography.

Beernaert is known for her ability to translate everyday, ordinary life into beautiful choreographies. Her work shows what everyone is going through and feeling at some point in life. Recognize yourself in the stories Isabelle tells on stage.

After a lifetime of choreography, Isabelle Beernaert has developed her own unique dance language. And for this special edition, Isabelle reveals for the first time what the meaning of that language is and what drove her to create this piece. Based on the choreography, and portrayed by her dancers and the explanation by Isabelle herself, you are taken even deeper into the story of Naakt-Nuda Veritas.

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About Isabelle Beernaert

Isabelle Beernaert knows how to touch the hearts of the audience with her choreographies. She is a unique choreographer with the ability to translate everyday, ordinary life into an extraordinary choreography. Her choreographies bring to life what every person goes through and feels at a certain moment in life. The audience can recognize themselves in the feeling and the story portrayed on stage.

After le Temps perdu and Laat Me, Naakt-NuDa Veritas is already the eleventh production by celebrated choreographer Isabelle Beernaert.

Her training at the Royal Ballet School of Flanders gave Isabelle a fundamental classical and technical foundation. In addition to her classical background, Isabelle developed herself in modern techniques such as by Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Limon and Matt Mattox. She also became proficient in ethnic dances such as Spanish, Bulgarian, Indian and African, which she combines with up-to-date knowledge of modern styles such as Hip-hop, Breakdance and so on. Isabelle has worked as a choreographer with and for various (inter)national events and TV shows, including the international TV hit: So You Think You Can Dance.