Hans van Brakel

Volkstuin Complex

Tina de Bruin, Rop Verheijen, Ricky Koole e.a.
Fri 29 Apr ’22 20:00 - 21:40
A fresh green musical comedy with a muddy edge
Fri 29 Apr ’22
20:00 - 21:40
  • Fri 29 Apr ’22
    20:00 - 21:40
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Look forward to a series of hilarious events and harrowing human discomfort. Because the best comedy actors in the Netherlands are ensuring exactly that: Tina de Bruin / Rian Gerritsen, Rop Verheijen, Ricky Koole and Daniel Cornelissen. Together with the best musical duo in the Netherlands, Jan and Keez Groenteman, who guarantee the most enjoyable songs.

In Volkstuin Complex, the allotted garden turns out to be not so much a green paradise, but an arena where emotions are stirred up, friendships are pruned, and love is broken. Newcomer Miranda comes here to write a new book in peace. She is immediately noticed by the other gardeners, who exchange more than seeds and cuttings. With the appearance of a mysterious and dangerous handsome guy, the weeds are sweeping through all the gardens like wild ivy. The gardeners get entangled in hilarious intrigue, and then the chaos is complete.

Volkstuin Complex is a cheerful comedy and a dark fairytale all in one, recognizable by everyone, with or without green fingers.

"Volkstuin Complex is een frisse nieuwe komedie met fijne liedjes en een gevatte tekst."

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