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Sat 5 Jun ’21 15:00 - 15:45

Tuimel & Bounce

Danstheater AYA
Playful performance with love for hip-hop culture
Sat 5 Jun ’21
15:00 - 15:45
  • Sat 5 Jun ’21
    15:00 - 15:45

Oh no, FALL DOWN! A kiss makes it better again! So difficult to balance. And not only if you’re a toddler ... The dancers in the hip-hop show Tuimel & Bounce are superstars in falling down. But luckily, they also bounce back up. 

After the success of Hip Hop Hooray, choreographer Honey Eavis has now created a performance for children ages three and up. Featuring two super-strong urban dancers in a pop-up décor, all kinds of surprises will be tumbling and popping out. 

As a child, things are always changing in the world around you. From small changes to large changes. You go to daycare, a new brother or sister shows up, or maybe your parents have an argument. It all happens around you without your control. Growing up is a terribly exciting thing. It is trial and error. Discovering and trying things out. Hip-hoppers can do some of that too. And perhaps you will benefit from it. Tuimel & Bounce is a playful performance that radiates love for the hip-hop culture. The dancers fall, tumble, bounce and grow. And the décor miraculously grows with them. 

  • You can visit this performance live in the theater (max 50 people). But can also be viewed at home via livestream. Make your choice in the ordering process.

'Honey Eavis shows with her performance Hip Hop Hooray that hip-hop also works well with younger children'



concept and choreography Honey Eavis Dramaturgy Wies Bloemen Cast two dancers and a pop-up décor

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