Dit heb je niet op school geleerd

The School of Life
Tue 1 Feb ’22 20:30
Lecture on the most important topics in your daily life
Tue 1 Feb ’22

During this theater lecture by The School of Life, you go back to school for one evening for the lessons that ultimately determine the quality of your life.

This evening, the Parktheater will be transformed into a school. Back in school, you examine your expectations of life and where these expectations come from. You learn about the ideas of great thinkers from the past and present and find out what you can do with them now. Because most of what we come up with on a daily basis has already been thought of. And often thought out a lot better...

Two teachers supervise the evening. Martijn de Rijk is a philosopher, actor, writer and director. He was associated with the Noord Nederlands Toneel for seven years and then worked as an actor for entities such as Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Laura van Dolron and Theater het Amsterdamse Bos. In 2013, he completed a master's degree in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Reine Rek is a speaker, coach, program maker and teacher at The School of Life. She studied at the University of Humanistics and specialized in practical philosophy.

The performance has been created by The School of Life Amsterdam. The School of Life was founded by philosopher Alain de Botton and has branches all over the world. At The School of Life, you think about the most important topics in your daily life: work, friendship, love, money, family and more. Insights from 2,500 years of culture and science help you live a wiser and more beautiful life.

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