Another Kind of Blue
Tue 25 Jan ’22 20:00 - 21:05
A special dance between man and technology
Tue 25 Jan ’22
20:00 - 21:05
  • Tue 25 Jan ’22
    20:00 - 21:05
    Hertog Jan Zaal
    Not bookable

In his new performance Wave, choreographer David Middendorp investigates the role technology plays in our lives and how it influences the ubiquitous wave movements of our existence.

We live on the waves of our existence -- on one hand on the inner emotions between joy and sorrow, and on the other hand on the cyclical movements of nature.

The four choreographies by David Middendorp that make up Wave -- Airman, Frequentie & Frequentie², 15 Minute Universe and Hands ON Stage -- each cast their own perspective on this special dance between man and technology.

Another Kind of Blue, under the direction of choreographer David Middendorp, is an innovative dance company from The Hague that creates dance performances in which choreography and technology merge from one artistic concept into an integrated whole. This results in unique and hybrid works that inspire and challenge us to reflect on a world dominated by technology.

From the press:

"If five stars are what's needed to make you go and see it, five stars it is." LONDONTHEATRE1.COM

Ten gevolge van de coronamaatregelen gaat deze voorstelling niet door. Mogelijk wordt deze verplaatst. Kaarthouders ontvangen bericht per e-mail. 

"In a creative and ingenious way, David Middendorp knows how to unite dance and technology, so that they are inextricably linked."


Wave consists of the following choreographies

In Airman (2018), we see a duet between humans and drones in which the shape of human consciousness is explored. It is followed by the new piece Frequentie & Frequentie², two choreographies that together form a dancing diptych in which the importance of rhythm and wavelength for humans is investigated. 15 Minute Universe (2009) tells an intriguing story about the relativity of the concept of time and our place in the whole. Finally, David Middendorp reveals a stage version of the virtual reality performance HandsON (2020) in which hands and the language we speak with our hands stand central.

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