Jandino Asporaat
Sat 22 Jan ’22 20:00
About the 'new normal' and enjoying life again
Sat 22 Jan ’22
  • Sat 22 Jan ’22
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Jandino Asporaat returns to the Parktheater stage with his new solo show Opgefokt.

Jandino cannot find his way within the 'new normal'; he gets worked up about it. He is not allowed to do anything -- not laugh, not party, not flirt. In short, he cannot live. But, was everything better in the past?

In Opgefokt, the comedian has decided to stop being bothered by all the restrictions. He wants to party like his father and at the same time love like his mother. He wants to cook like his grandmother and roar with laughter like his grandfather. In short, Jandino just wants to live a good life again. Awakened, instead of worked up. 

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