Koefnoen Live

Fri 22 Apr ’22 - Sat 23 Apr ’22
Owen Schumacher, Jeremy Baker en Paul Groot
Fri 22 Apr ’22
Sat 23 Apr ’22

After sixteen successful seasons on television, the men of Koefnoen are now entering theaters with their parody, caricatures and imitations: completely live!

In striking, recognizable and confrontational sketches, songs and scenes, Owen Schumacher, Jeremy Baker and Paul Groot plunge into a sharp, whirling, satirical theatrical revue about change, innovation or getting rusty.

After a year of hoarding, contact craving and cough shame, of online happy hours and takeaway cuisine from star chefs, we are slowly climbing our way back out of lockdown mode. What happened? What has changed?

We shall do everything differently, but what is left of our quarantine ideals? Have we fooled each other, or have we been fooled? You were able to turn others off on Zoom, but how do you do that live? How do you pick up your life again, and what kind of life is it? The life that you had or the life that you wished you had? What to do now? Will it be a step back or a leap forward?

In this theatrical version, you will see up-to-date and brand-new material, performed by familiar characters such as the happy single Ipie, the style and class icon Nesrin, the boisterous corps students Fleur and Madelon, the recreational-user-slash-sex-worker Annet, and the indestructible ANWB couple Okko and Eus.

"Het is zeker dat alle Koefnoen liefhebbers volledig aan hun trekken komen in deze flitsende voorstelling." ★★★★

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cast Owen Schumacher, Jeremy Baker, Paul Groot, Kiki van Deursen and Sanne Franssen | script & lyrics Owen Schumacher, Jeremy Baker and Paul Groot | director Jos Thie