Nou Lekker Dan

Hans Teeuwen
Thu 29 Sep ’22 - Fri 30 Sep ’22
Hans Teeuwen back in the theater!
Thu 29 Sep ’22
Fri 30 Sep ’22

Hans Teeuwen is returning to the theater! It has been four years since he was on stage with the sold-out tour of Echte Rancune. And now back at the Parktheater. Nou lekker dan

Hans Teeuwen's new show gives a disturbing look into his mind. Wet meat, likes, love, medium Gonnie, art, culture, inclusiveness, diversity, bistros and victims. It all doesn't feel right, but it is funny and people come to watch. So there is no reason to change what is actually deep and deeply sad for his immediate environment, but for the paying visitor it's good business. Nou lekker dan!