Ubuntu wandeling

Eric Mijnster en Pieter Michiels
Mon 16 Mar ’20 13:00
A workshop for everyone with a passion for life
Mon 16 Mar ’20
  • Mon 16 Mar ’20

Ubuntu is South African for 'I am because we are'. During an Ubuntu wandeling, you alternate between a walk through the Stadspark and the Parktheater, with inspiring stories and positive interventions.

Positive interventions are reflective tasks that empower you to be who you really are. We will encounter various themes such as: happiness, gratitude, love, dreams. Together with symbolism or a story (sometimes wrapped in a creative package), it is incredibly bonding to stand still together and share what we encounter on the inside.

Eric Mijnster and Pieter Michiels want to create this experience of unity. They want to show people that we all have more in common than what we differ in, and that it is completely fine to be different. They want to enrich people in a playful way with self-knowledge and give people the confidence that they can be exactly who they are.


Eric Mijnster and Pieter Michiels are two spirited thirty-somethings with a fascinating and authentic story. They do not shy away from sincerity because they believe that sincerity is the greatest power that we possess as human beings. Only when we have the courage to look at ourselves and show, acknowledge and fully embrace ourselves do we experience the lightness within us. They want to share that playful, light side with you during this workshop.

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