Mon 13 Apr ’20 20:00 - 22:20

We Love Songfestival: het grote meezingfeest!

Koos van Plateringen, Marlayne Sahupala e.a.
All the highlights from 65 years of the Song Festival
Mon 13 Apr ’20
20:00 - 22:20
  • Mon 13 Apr ’20
    20:00 - 22:20
    Pauze 20:55
    Hertog Jan Zaal

An unforgettable, fun, interactive evening with all the highlights from 65 years of the Song Festival!

Sing along with the biggest hits, play along with the WeLoveSongFestival quiz, and enjoy performances by former song contestants such as Mandy Huydts (Alles heeft een ritme - 1986), Franklin Brown (De eerste keer - 1996), Marlayne Sahupala (One good reason - 1999) and Esther Hart (One more night - 2003), all accompanied by top musicians.

Presenter and song festival connoisseur Koos van Plateringen takes you on this trip down memory lane, he gives a look behind the scenes of the Eurovision Song Festival and tells hilarious and special anecdotes that have never been told before. "The nicest thing about the Song Festival is that everyone can and should be themselves. It doesn't matter who or what you are. That's why I organize this evening. So come join in and sing and dance along," said Koos.

We LOVE Song Festival, an evening full of medleys and song festival classics!


singers Marlayne Sahupala, Mandy Huydts, Franklin Brown, Esther Hart and Buddy Vedder (guest artists may change) / musicians Arjen Mooijer, Erik Rutjes, Patrick Drabe, Jelske Hoogervorst, Xander Buvelot led by Danny Sahupala / presenter Koos van Plateringen

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