Thu 30 Jan ’20 17:00

Parktheater Academy

met Mystery Guest
Are you curious and eager to learn? Then visit Parktheater Academy
Thu 30 Jan ’20
  • Thu 30 Jan ’20

Are you curious, eager to learn? Then visit Parktheater Academy. For years, for employees of the Parktheater a household name and since last season also accessible to the public.

We don't like to change. Why would you even do that? If the need is missing, it is not clear why and what it brings you, you do not know how, you are not involved from the outset, your manager does not monitor the change, or assess you.

You don't just change your behavior, that much is clear. But sometimes you have to, because the situation demands it. Then you have no choice, you step out of your comfort zone. Forced, like our mystery guest. Are you imitating him, are you going to his world?

By experiencing it you learn to cope with a change. That is the firm conviction of this speaker. He lets you feel what being vulnerable means. He lets you feel where you can be strong. Fear of the unknown gives way to guts and courage and a different attitude. Which makes you successful in life. “I see all kinds of people around me who are tired of theories. People want to feel, experience and be part of an experience. This is exactly the case with a necessary change. Then you are pressed with your nose on the facts, you tend to stay in your comfort zone. How do you take the next step, how do you deal with this change? To that end, I will take you to another world."

Do you have the guts?

This mystery guest not only lets you hear and see what a change brings about, but you will also really feel and experience the change. You learn to look at a change in a different way, to adopt different attitudes. 

  • Parktheater Academies take place in the Kameleon at the end of the afternoon.

Free entrance

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