Sara Kroos
Fri 29 May ’20
Sat 30 May ’20

She is rude, she is direct, she makes you laugh at the worst things, and she has a small heart. Cabaret performer Sara Kroos reveals an extra dimension in her new performance Verte

With surprising visuals and a 2.0 music style with her top musicians. With the energetic, tough approach we are used to from her, but also a new look, cheerfully beyond the weightiness. With a great evening for anyone who can take a beating.

Verte is about looking ahead, thinking beyond. And how far can you go? The Verte show is like a rollercoaster -- when you step off afterwards, you feel nicely shaken and can freshen up again.


director Jessica Borst / musicians Rutger Hoorn and Nathaniël van Veenen

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