Sun 24 May ’20 14:00

Hip Hop Hoera

Frontaal / Don’t Hit Mama
Urban dance performance for everyone from four years old
Sun 24 May ’20

Breakdance, popping & locking, and fusion for older people? Absolutely not! Hip Hop Hoera takes on themes like who am I, who are you? and why does (s)he belong to a group that I don't? A performance about being yourself, being different and being together.

In Hip Hop Hoera, all kinds of music from the hip-hop genre will be heard. The featured tracks will be a feast of familiarity to your parents. And at the end, you’ll be able to go on the floor to shake and groove with the dancers.

Choreographer Honey Eavis has created a performance about social behavior. She gets her inspiration from the values she has learned from the hip-hop culture. About giving, taking and sharing. As a dancer and teacher, Eavis is very familiar with the hip-hop scene. She lets the dancers interact with each other and with the children around the concepts of me, you and us. How do you interact with each other, and who’s pulling which strings?

"Hip Hop Hoera The Remix is a playful dance performance, for children a nice introduction to hip hop dance, in which even some life lessons from hip hop culture are hidden."



idea and concept Honey Eavis en Mirjam Nebbeling / choreography Honey Eavis in cooperation with the dancers / dramaturgy Daniel van Klaveren / dance advice André "Drosha" Grekhov / dancers Yordana Rodriguez, Stefan Seedorf, Steven Lima, Denzel Vyent, Skeyenno Talany, Xichela Liberia / animation Kristel Doest/VJ Aineko / DJ/soundtrack Lucas Benjamin
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