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RUMAG Theater-Event

January 23 / June 3 moved to May 21 '22
Sat 21 May ’22 20:30 - 22:15
RUMAG. enters the theater
Sat 21 May ’22
20:30 - 22:15
  • Sat 21 May ’22
    20:30 - 22:15

With almost one million followers, Rumag is the lifestyle brand of the Netherlands. Their lyrics are original, coarse, sexual but also funny. In this theater version, visitors are part of a show in which they explore the boundaries of what is possible and what is absolutely impossible.

From hatred of your ex to love for fast food and to the shared hatred of that one colleague… During the theater tour, everything will come back to you just as you expect from RUMAG. The RUMAG theater tour will feel like a true experience, and that's partly because René Watzema will deliver and host the tour.

A healthy blend of looking for the edge and just going over it. A show in which all daily topics, such as humor, sex, clothing and lifestyle, are discussed. Whatever is discussed, we have an opinion about everything and, moreover, a snap judgment.

At every show, we’ll look together for the RUMAG'ers of the evening in the auditorium and do so by using the usual quotes. Additionally, there will be show guests from the fields of music and humor showbiz.

  • Safe at the theater: view the Corona measures for a safe and responsible theater visit.