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Wed 6 May ’20 20:30


Deng Boy
Comedy duo brings Dutch / Surinamese comedy
Wed 6 May ’20

When Ronny and Eric are together, there is always more laughter than talk. And, that promises something. In Raar, they discuss everything they find strange in our modern-day society.

And there's quite a lot! For example, it's strange that they know Hollywood, but Hollywood doesn't know them. And why do Surinamese people speak Dutch, but Dutch don't speak Surinamese? Through sketches and old and new characters, everything that is weird is examined.

The cultural roots of Deng Boy (Eric 'Sko' Schröder and Ronny 'Ormoe' Ormskirk) are in Suriname, but the two grew up in Rotterdam. Ronny and Eric started out as radio makers and have been playing full-length comedy shows throughout the Netherlands since 2008. Their shows are interspersed with comedy from the best of the two worlds.

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