Fri 24 Apr ’20 20:30

Proefles met Joël

Joël Broekaert
Ready for a number of taste experiments?
Fri 24 Apr ’20

Culinary journalist Joël Broekaert takes you on a journey through the five basic flavors and countless aromas that we, as humans, can discern. Not only through words and images, but especially through tasting together. 

You get a real sampler box with ingredients. Ready for a number of taste experiments? A simple theater lecture becomes an interactive, sensory-rich and, above all, tasty experience.
After tonight, you’ll know the difference between taste and aroma, you’ll know why you should never chew chocolate again, and why eating fat tastes so good. You will have tasted surprising new flavors, done some enjoyable tastings, and found that tasting will never be the same again!

Joël Broekaert is a restaurant critic for NRC and a culinary columnist for Vrij Nederland. Joël also produces his own TV programme De vijf smaken van Joël, in which he travels the world to find out everything about the five basic flavors that humans can taste. He is regularly featured in current affairs programmes such as Pauw and DWDD.

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