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Tue 9 Feb ’21 20:00

Koning van de toekomst

Martijn Koning
Fortunately Martijn Koning has too much energy
Tue 9 Feb ’21
  • Tue 9 Feb ’21
    Hertog Jan Zaal
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Fortunately, Martijn Koning has plenty of energy. Where others are welcoming a break, he is already rolling up his sleeves again and on to the next adventure: Koning van de toekomst

He has the 'highest joke density guarantee' -- 80 minutes of pure stand-up comedy. "Within the stand-up genre, Koning is at the top" (NRC). His head is never still; like a pinball machine, he fires off jokes and comic observations to his audience. He really has tried: stand still, sit still, shut up for just a moment. But man, that is difficult! He has even quit fishing. Hilarious, absurd, and on top of current events. 


director Raoul Heertje 

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