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Paul Groot, Cystine Carreon, Maartje van de Wetering e.a
Sat 18 Apr ’20 20:00
Winner of no less than five Drama Desk Awards and six Tonys
Sat 18 Apr ’20
  • Sat 18 Apr ’20
    Hertog Jan Zaal
    Past event

No fewer than five Drama Desk Awards and six Tony's accumulated by Company. This award-winning mid-life musical, relationship comedy and iconic Broadway hit by Stephen Sondheim is now coming to Parktheater Eindhoven. 

On his fiftieth birthday, there seems to be something missing in Robert's life. He is charming, sexy, successful; men want to be him, and women want to be with him.
Yet, Robert is still single. Friends have married and divorced, have relationships and children, are fully immersed in life. But Robert remains an observer and wonders: do I need someone else to be myself? And who is the Robert on these selfies, anyway?
His flashy birthday party is a hilarious hell of lust, jealousy, loyalty, resentment, passion, likes/dislikes and other relationship stuff. 


featuring Paul Groot, Cystine Carreon, Maartje van de Wetering, Jeremy Baker, Esther Maas, Jolanda van den Berg, Marcel Visscher, Carlos de Vries, Frank van Hengel, Sophie Veldhuizen, Tjebbo Gerritsma, Juda Goslinga, Sytske van der Ster en Hilke Bierman / director Gerardjan Rijnders