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Kommil Foo
Sat 4 Apr

A piano, a guitar, a violin, two character voices ... The Flemish brothers Walschaerts don't need anything more to give you a memorable evening. 

They have been making and playing continuously for more than thirty years. Last season with great success at Parktheater Eindhoven. Now therefore again Oogst, a beautiful show distilled from all that beauty. Without a circus, but intimate. Raf, Mich, their most beautiful songs and their best stories. A visitor about their previous show Schoft: “Nice story with morals and jokes. Strung together by very fine voices and instruments. Sensitive and atmospheric! ”

  • Max 4 tickets p.p. 

De carrière van de Vlaamse broers Raf en Mich Walchaert bestaat welhaast uit louter hoogtepunten.

Telegraaf ★★★★


featuring Raf en Mich Walschaerts

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