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Thu 26 Mar ’20 - Sun 10 May ’20


René van Meurs
When it comes to love, René van Meurs has both lived it and believed in it
Thu 26 Mar ’20
Sun 10 May ’20

When it comes to love, René van Meurs has both lived it and believed in it. With varying degrees of success. Continuing to drink from the same beguiling pool of water, but always full of confidence and self-mockery. 

What does it actually mean to feel love, to love someone, and then to lose someone? René knows all about it, and at the same time knows nothing at all.
But he sure is good at telling us about it. Tonight, it will result in beautiful stories full of lovely insights, hilarious improvisations and, above all, a lot of good jokes.

René has been with Comedytrain for years. With his previous performance Ik beloof niks, he won a nomination for the Dutch Hope in 2018.

Even goede vrienden, one of his previous shows, is on Netflix.

  • Due to the Coronavirus, the performance of March 26, 2020 has been moved to May 10, 2020

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