Homemade Productions
Mon 16 Mar ’20 20:00 - 22:10
Musical performance about a family fleeing Vietnam
Mon 16 Mar ’20
20:00 - 22:10
  • Mon 16 Mar ’20
    20:00 - 22:10
    Past event

Ten years after the departure of the Americans, life in communist Vietnam has become unbearable. Oppression and humiliation are the order of the day. Minh's father builds a boat and decides to flee the country with his wife and nine children. 

For days they travel through swampy land to eventually reach the sea. A sea in which float the bodies of others who had tried to flee. They risk it nonetheless. After a gruelling trip, a Dutch merchant ship picks them up. A ship that was explicitly ordered not to take any refugees on board...

Vietnam is a theatrical and musical adaptation of the book Vietnam Uitgevlucht, which theater maker Minh Vu wrote about his own history. A reconstruction of a gruesome and hopeful tale about refugees’ difficult journey to freedom.

This show has been moved from the Hertog Jan Zaal to the Philipszaal. The show now has a free choice of seats. Purchased tickets remain valid, but the row and seat numbers on the ticket no longer apply. Visitors with tickets already purchased will be notified by e-mail.


featuring David van den Tempel, Robin van den Heuvel, Anne Fleur du Pré and others / direction and script Dick van den Heuvel