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Wed 4 Mar ’20 20:30

Heimat 3, how to build a home

De NWE Tijd
An imaginative and heart-warming show about loneliness
Wed 4 Mar ’20
  • Wed 4 Mar ’20

In November 2016, the Brit James Wood posted a comment beneath a YouTube video with the title to build a home, a melancholy song about the longing for a home. He wrote in his comment that his best friend had committed suicide a year earlier.

His friend had tried to call him, but he had not picked up his phone because he was playing on the Playstation. He felt so guilty and sad. And so lonely. Nobody responded to his comment. Only when he revised his message a year later and wrote that he was still not doing well, did hundreds of people suddenly send him a response.

De NWE Tijd visited him. Who is he? How is he doing now? And why the song to build a home exactly? With these questions De NWE Tijd makes a funny as well as sad, hopeful and merciless attempt to build a house. For James Wood and for everyone who feels a bit like him.

Part of
Ontroerend Goed


by and featuring Harald Austbø, Tim David, Rebekka de Wit, Suzanne Grotenhuis and others / music Harald Austbø / dramaturgy Tobias Kokkelmans

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