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De Voorlopers

Wed 12 Feb

The internationally renowned dance artists Ivgi&Greben present a powerful new work: a representation of powerful idealism and alternative paths in art and life.

Uri Ivgi from Israel and Dutchman Johan Greben have been working together successfully for fifteen years. Their acclaimed work can be seen all over the world in leading companies. Last season, they presented their successful dance performance We Are In Trouble, which started in the Cultural Capital of Europe Leeuwarden/Friesland 2018 and ended at the Lowlands Festival. Now Ivgi&Greben present their new dance performance De Voorlopers.

Free introduction in Dutch 19:30

Part of:


choreography Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben / dance Joan Ferré Gomez, Robin Nimanong, Serena Facchini, Noa van Tichel, Winter Wieringa, Vanessa Piccioni, Valentina Di Lullo / dramaturgy Judith Schoneveld / music composition Tom Parkinson

About De Voorlopers

For Ivgi&Greben, De Voorlopers is a representation of powerful idealism and alternative paths in art and life. In the current era of negativity, they want to put the positive, liberating power of ideals in the spotlight.

Five dancers are the first to arrive on a distant planet where they will settle. There is nothing yet there. What are they going to do? How will they relate to each other? What values and ideals will form the basis of their community?

They create and deconstruct, there is abundance and also scarcity. It is a laboratory of shifting relationships between people, and between people and their environment: a testing site. Through the medium of dance and the wordless communication that connects all bodies, the audience is involved in the challenges of the situation in which the dancers find themselves. 

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