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Tue 11 Feb ’20 20:00 - 21:55
with ladies night!

Mijn man begrijpt me niet

Victoria Koblenko, Anouk Maas en Tanja Jess
A feel-good play full of familiar scenarios
Tue 11 Feb ’20
20:00 - 21:55
  • Tue 11 Feb ’20
    20:00 - 21:55
    Pauze 20:50
    Hertog Jan Zaal

A feel-good play full of recognizable situations. Full of black humor, women's jokes, friendship and emotion.

Do I live with ‘my perfect man (or woman)’? Do I really have to provide care for my irritating mother-in-law? Is this really all there is? Should I try out Second Love or Tinder? How do I keep my sex life exciting? And will I open that second bottle of wine or not? Just a few intimate questions from three women in the self-help course, Mijn man begrijpt me niet.

Because isn't it high time for their dreams to come true? And must they take action themselves, or is there anything further to unload? What follows is a hilarious identity-inspection, with outpourings whose consequences are unforeseeable. A comedy full of recognizable situations. Full of black humor, women's jokes, friendship and emotion.



featuring Victoria Koblenko, Anouk Maas, Tanja Jess / director Bob Maclaren / script Marjolijn van Kooten

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