Sun 8 Dec ’19 13:30 - 14:45

Dolfje Weerwolfje en Foeksia de Miniheks

Rick Engelkes Producties
Sun 8 Dec ’19
13:30 - 14:45
  • Sun 8 Dec ’19
    13:30 - 14:45
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Wrow! One night, Dolfje Werewolfje accidentally runs out of the Werewolf Forest, into the Witch Forest. Grandpa Werewolf absolutely forbids him to go there because werewolves and witches don't get along. Then he gets to know the funny and sweet mini-witch, Foeksia, who lives with her father Kwark the Wizard. They become friends.

When the swamp witch teacher Minuul finds out that there is a werewolf in the Witch Forest, Dolfje is captured. A battle breaks out between the witches and the werewolves. Foeksia doesn't know what to do. Will Dolfje ever be freed?

After the success of Dolfje Weerwolfje de Musical, it is now time for a sequel. Dolfje Weerwolfje en Foeksia de Miniheks is the new family musical full of fun songs, mystical creatures, funny magic tricks and enchanting love potions. Come to this magical performance in the Parktheater. Wakkaakkaboe! Based on the exciting books by Paul van Loon.

  • Excl. free drink

"Two children's book figures by Paul van Loon meet in the same performance. The result is a fun performance, especially for young but also old." ★★★★



featuring Finn Poncin, Bente van den Brand and others / director Jasper Verheugd / producer Rick Engelkes Producties

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