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De Verleiders: Female

Jelka van Houten, Susan Visser, Stephanie Louwrier e.a.
Tue 3 Dec ’19 - Wed 4 Dec ’19
The women have the floor
Tue 3 Dec ’19
Wed 4 Dec ’19

The women have the floor. Jelka van Houten, Susan Visser, Stephanie Louwrier, Gusta Geleijnse and Eva Marie de Waal follow in the footsteps of De Verleiders to denounce the inequality of power between men and women.

They cross swords and take a sober and critical look at burning issues such as the pay gap, the glass ceiling and #MeToo. All this according to the well-known Verleiders concept: a mix of stand-up, cross-discussions, interaction with the audience, and personal stories. A performance with guts that you don't want to miss.

From the press:

"Lots of humor and bravado" (Theaterkrant)
"Brought with a lot of conviction" (Het Parool) 
"Know the five exactly to put the finger on the sore spots" (Noordhollands Dagblad)
"The diabolical talent of Louwrier" (de Volkskrant)
"Humorous, sometimes hilarious and very educational" (Scenes)
"Women in men's suits are going strong" (Trouw ★★★)

Free introduction in Dutch 19:15

"Van Houten is disarming in her monologue, Visser and Geleijnse are engaging as struggling guys and De Waal gives sober comments." ★★★



cast Susan Visser (Man van je leven, Gooische Vrouwen), Jelka van Houten (De Marathon, Men's hearts), Stephanie Louwrier (Revolutie van de mislukking, Noir), Dunya Khayame and Gusta Geleijnse (Soldaat van Oranje, Het Pauperparadijs) / artistic direction Tom de Ket (De Verleiders, Het Pauperparadijs)