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Love ❤️

Club Guy & Roni, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani
Tue 3 Dec

We expect our greatest love to be an ideal sex partner, a great father/mother, a buddy, and a soul mate. And, also a bit attractive. Our expectations of love may be very high. And can you be with someone without losing your individuality?

Love in all its many manifestations is one of the main drivers of human relationships and, therefore, one of the most commonly used subjects in the creative arts. Love ❤️ is a portrait of love in the age of the millenials, of unlimited choice. A generation that suffers chronically from FOMO (fear of missing out & fear of missed opportunities) and fear of failure.

Inspired by the work of indie filmmakers such as Wes Anderson and Robert Altman, Love ❤️ presents a collection of diverse romances. A search for the core of this age-old emotion and its intrinsic value, in a world where everything has a price.

Love ❤️ was also inspired by Peter Handke's Beautiful Days of Aranjuez. In this piece, Handke portrays the different worlds of experience among men and women and their divergent views on love. It is about sexual experiences, childhood and memories in which both the male and female perspectives are shown.


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featuring Club Guy & Roni dancers, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani dancers, Slagwerk Den Haag / choreography Roni Haver, Guy Weizman / soundtrack Slagwerk Den Haag / costume design Maison de Faux / scenery design Ascon De Nijs

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