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Die Zauberflöte

Opera Zuid
Thu 14 Nov ’19 20:00 - 22:35
Mysterious, humorous, fascinating, hopeful and ever-inspiring
Thu 14 Nov ’19
20:00 - 22:35
  • Thu 14 Nov ’19
    20:00 - 22:35
    Pauze 21:00
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Mysterious, humorous, fascinating, hopeful and ever-inspiring at the same time. Die Zauberflöte is one of Mozart's most famous works and one of the most beloved pieces in the opera repertoire.

This theater season, Opera Zuid is bringing the famous piece to the Parktheater. The playful, exciting, but also elusively profound music is performed by Opera Zuid’s almost entirely Dutch cast. Anther home-grown talent, Jorinde Keesmaat, provides magical and powerful direction and shows that Mozart is still very much up-to-date.

In short: anyone who wants to go to the opera for the first time, or is a connoisseur, or is a glutton for musicals, or is young or old... don't miss this accessible opera! The opera is performed in German with Dutch surtitles.

  • Hosts De Lange Tafel: Lily, Erik en Léon

Free introduction in Dutch 19:15

"The work, a brilliant mix of spoken text, music, arias, choirs and ensembles, is full of speed." ★★★



featuring Lilian Farahani, Peter Gijsbertsen, Michael Wilmering, Ginette Puylaert, Lisa Mostin, Morgane Heyse, Bart Driessen, Fenna Ograjensek, Florieke Beelen, Lien Haegeman, Jacques de Faber, Huub Claessens, Krisztiàn Egyed, Frederik Bergman, Bibi Ortjens, Gerben van der Werf, Tobias Segura Peralta / musical direction Benjamin Bayl / direction Jorinde Keesmaat / orchestra philharmonie zuidnederland