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Maas Theater en Dans
Thu 14 Nov ’19 20:30 - 21:40
A theatrical insight into the lives of five b-boys and the world of battles
Thu 14 Nov ’19
20:30 - 21:40
  • Thu 14 Nov ’19
    20:30 - 21:40
    Past event

Life is nothing but a battle. B-BOY offers a theatrical insight into the lives of five b-boys and the world of battles.

Five virtuoso dancers explore their physical limits and go to the extreme. They analyze battle codes, share their injuries and suffering, and openly communicate about the unending training and rivalry. They’re also not afraid to give their unfiltered opinions about each other's skills and fails. An explosive performance with and about break dancers in which film and theater, and real life and fiction merge seamlessly. In every city, the crew will be surprised with a guest appearance.

Vitoria visits B-Boy

Vitoria visited B-Boy in Rotterdam. "B-Boy is a performance that fits Eindhoven’s urban vibe, it relates directly with a style of life that we see on the streets, during art festivals and dance events. It opens up the dance world to other perspectives that sometimes we are not used to see in theatre productions, it gives us a great energy and good vibes after the show".
Read her review in the blog Vitoria Visits (in english) 

Director Jolanda Spoel about B-BOY:

"B-BOY is an ode to break dancers. As a theater maker, however, I would not only like to highlight the acrobatic virtuosity of breakdance, but also its narrative power, which is much greater than is commonly thought. I'm looking for parallels between the world of battles and real life."

Director Jolanda Spoel has created a clearly structured show that leaves plenty of room for the five breakers to showcase their strengths and share their life stories.” Movement Exposed


concept, direction Jolanda Spoel / dancers Pom Arnold, Tim Jansen, Dietrich Pott, Remses Rafaela, Kenji Hendriks and others / choreography Lloyd Marengo, Rabbani Sayed, Jolanda Spoel and the dancers

About Maas Theater en Dans

Maas makes mature performances for young people, physical, imaginative and outspoken in everything. Maas disrupts and seduces with theater, dance, music, mime, film, animations, technology and much more. Maas theater en dans has its own playhouse in Rotterdam, the Maaspodium.