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Air Play

Sat 19 Oct ’19 19:00 - 19:55
Modern spectacle in circus style
Sat 19 Oct ’19
19:00 - 19:55
  • Sat 19 Oct ’19
    19:00 - 19:55
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Be carried away by the wind and dream along with the American production Air Play. An international circus spectacle that makes the air we breathe visible. 

Flying umbrellas, huge balloons, gigantic kites, all hovering over the audience: they produce breathtaking and often humorous images.
Air Play is the adventurous journey of a brother and sister through the world of air. Everyday subjects turn into beautiful objects. Fabrics dance in the wind, balloons float in all directions, confetti transcends into a starry night. A gigantic floating canopy of silk manipulates the future.

Air Play was conceived of and is performed by the couple Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone (USA). Their skills as street artists come together with sculptural art by Daniel Wurtzal. His work is an ode to youth and will amaze both young and old.

  • Excl. free drink