Thu 12 Dec ’19 20:30 - 21:45

Bullshit No Bullshit

Urban Dansdagen: Shailesh Bahoran & Johnny Lloyd
An ironic self-portrait
Thu 12 Dec ’19
20:30 - 21:45
  • Thu 12 Dec ’19
    20:30 - 21:45
    Pand P Grote Zaal

A personal story with highs and lows. Is it possible to tell that story without frills and drama? Two boys, two men, two fathers, two theater makers, two dancers ...

In Bullshit No Bullshit, artistic director/dancer Johnny Lloyd and dancer/choreographer Shailesh Bahoran take a look at their craftsmanship in contemporary theater dance. Each in their own way, they are striking players in the increasingly rich field of cross over between genres, styles and movement. Both carry inheritances from different cultures and gained experiences in different houses, countries and lives. From this layered cultural and personal background, they have each developed a unique physical identity, their own relative truth, from which they question each other - eclectically and graciously.

Bullshit No Bullshit is an interview without words between two older and wiser b-boys. Ready to proudly set aside their hip-hop, they question themselves and each other frankly and pointedly about their naivety towards theatrical elements. They investigate the differences and similarities between urban and theater dance, while examining the hip-hop mantra of "keeping it real". A subtle game unfolds between the different versions of the makers, right before our eyes. Balancing between wisdom and curiosity, between open-mindedness and intuition, between scoring and failing, they show us portraits of their less secure selves.

  • Location: Pand P (Leenderweg 65)
  • Excl. free drink 

About Johnny Lloyd

Following his studies in literature and music, Johnny Lloyd (USA) started a practical and anthropological study into the history of African-American dance forms in 1994. He has been creating his own work for almost fifteen years now and he has danced and co-created with other contemporary dance makers and musicians. He has worked on approximately twenty full-length shows, music videos, films and operas in other countries. Between 2012 and 2019, Johnny danced and toured with Eastman / Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Last spring, he worked with choreographer Kristel van Issum on the short film The Soldier in her series Stereotypes.

About Shailesh Bahoran

Shailesh Bahoran developed from a versatile hip hop dancer with phenomenal technique and originality into a choreographer who distinguishes himself by his free artistic vision in which he is always looking for notable contrasts and stimulating moods and emotions. In just a short amount of time, he made a name for himself with controversial productions such as IGNITE, AGHORI and REDO, and his work earned him heaps of praise and recognition. For example, his performance IGNITE was nominated for the Zwaan "most impressive dance production 2017", and he won the of the Dutch Dance Days 2017 Prize. Dancer Redouan Ait Chitt won the Zwaan "most impressive dance performance 2019" for REDO. Shailesh works from his Illusionary Rockaz Company (IRC).

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