Fri 17 Apr ’20 20:30

Wolven huilen niet alleen

Frascati Producties / Charli Chung
Inspired by the controversial documentary The Wolfpack
Fri 17 Apr ’20
  • Fri 17 Apr ’20

The true story about the brothers Nirvana, Baghwan, Krisna and Anu, who were kept indoors by their parents for fifteen years. 

They keep themselves busy with the 5000 DVDs belonging to their father: Reservoir Dogs, The Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight. Out of cereal boxes and yoga mats, they construct film sets and re-enact their favorite films scene by scene.

Inspired by the notorious documentary The Wolfpack, as well as by the work of Quentin Tarantino and Kaspar (Peter Handke, 1967), Charli Chung creates theater about friendship, rivalry, the naked truth, and growing up against all odds.

  • Location: Natlab (Kastanjelaan 500)

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