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Astrid Boons
Wed 25 Sep
  • Wed 25 Sep
    20:30 - 21:25

Choreographic talent Astrid Boons danced with Dansgroep Amsterdam, NDT 2 and GöteborgsOperans Danskompani before she started working as a choreographer herself. Two years ago, Korzo introduced this brand-new talent to the Netherlands.

Boons blows us away with an original, highly precise language of movement in her two intense and intriguing pieces Rhizoma and Vestige.
Astrid's work does not portray a role or depict an idea; rather, the movements arise directly from the emotional and physical states in which the dancers find themselves. As a witness, you are intricately engaged in the transformations that the dancers go through. In the poetic and abstract Fields, the dancers merge with their surroundings. Bodies, space and time seem to become transparent and penetrate through each other's boundaries.

Part of:
Ontroerend Goed

"Boons' achterliggende idee van lichamen als versmeltende en transformerende energievelden valt wel te volgen, en haar bijna monomane aanpak is gedurfd"

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