Het Grote Kampeeravontuur

Brandweerman Sam Live!
Sun 22 Sep ’19 - Wed 22 Jul ’20
Fireman Sam is back with a new, daring rescue
Sun 22 Sep ’19
Wed 22 Jul ’20

He's always on hand... With a completely new, bold rescue, Fireman Sam™ returns to the Parktheater. 

In Het Grote Kampeeravontuur, fireman Sam experiences a completely new and exciting adventure, together with his faithful fire truck Jupiter and all his friends from Piekepolder. 

The story
In the forest near Piekepolder, there lives a rare animal. When two well-known biologists go in search of the creature, Fireman Sam and Elvis decide to help them on their voyage of discovery. But when the mischievous Norbert Puk also goes on the quest and gets lost in the forest, he puts the whole group in danger. Can Fireman Sam save his friends in time?
Go on the voyage with Fireman Sam, Elvis, Penny, Commander Staal and Norbert. You will discover that this blazing performance is full of song, dance and daring rescues. Brandweerman Sam Live! – Het Grote Kampeeravontuur is going to be a celebration!

  • Excl. free drink