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De achterkant van Eindhoven

Het Zuidelijk Toneel
Tue 17 Sep
Sat 21 Sep

After the successful performance Lampenmakers, about Philips, Het Zuidelijk Toneel is returning to Eindhoven. And specifically, to the behind-the-scenes.

A drink, a smoke, a pill, a line: it sounds innocent. Have you ever used such things? Drugs satisfy a widespread need. The associated criminal activity is a consequence of our deep longing for thrills and anesthesia. In De Achterkant van Eindhoven, we delve deeper into the hidden society behind drug crime in this city.

Teenagers who speak in the third person, men who prefer to remain silent, a neighborhood with different faces, a regrettably tormented old man. De Achterkant van Eindhoven is a collage performance in five parts. Each with its own color and its own character, but together they form an exciting, thriller-like whole.

De Achterkant van Eindhoven is not a true story. It is neither a pamphlet nor a prevention campaign. It glorifies nothing, makes no judgment and gives no answers. The piece confuses and reassures, raises questions and guarantees a good conversation about brotherhood, silence and Eindhoven.

"Drug crime is rejected noisily, but at the same time, we enjoy the romantic side of it. The Godfather and Scarface dominate the film canon, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos are among the best watched and most appreciated series ever, and books about Holleeder fly out of the shops. We have incorporated this duplicity into the performance." - Diederik Stapel

In the months prior to the performance De Achterkant van Eindhoven, work was also done on an accompanying exhibition. The exhibition exposes De Achterkant van Eindhoven in facts and figures. How much does a gun cost in this city? How many drug laboratories were busted in the city last year? How much money is involved in cannabis cultivation? What are the benefits of making your attic available for cannabis cultivation and what are the dangers? But these facts and figures alone are not enough. That's why the exhibition also shows what goes on beyond these figures: the stories of young people in conflict with the law. In order to explore these stories from the detention centers, Het Zuidelijk Toneel (HZT) collaborated with Young in Prison (YIP). Under the guidance of HZT and YIP, juveniles in detention centers went through a process which culminated in the stories seen throughout the exhibition. De Achterkant van Eindhoven Exhibition can be visited, free of charge, in the theater foyer.

  • Het Zuidelijk Toneel and the Parktheater look for figurants for this performance. sign up is possible till 6 July
  • Host De Lange Tafel: Carla and Léon

Free introduction in Dutch 19:30

Part of:
De Lange Tafel


script A.H.J. Dautzenberg en Diederik Stapel / directed by Joris van Midde / actors Björn van der Doelen, Dries Alkemade, Erwin Boschmans, Mike Weerts, Pietju Bell e.a. / dancers Kelian Cieslak & Silvan Vasilda / coach Fresku / dramaturgy Piet Menu

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