Jeroen Leenders & Kristel Zweers
Tue 10 Sep
  • Tue 10 Sep ’19

After returning to the Netherlands, Kristel and Jeroen met and discovered a mutual desire for freedom. Both of them struggled with the idea of a new solo show, so instead they joined forces to create a different experience. They want to break free!

Cabaret artist Jeroen Leenders won the Leids Cabaret Festival in 2010. Afterward, he travelled through Flanders and the Netherlands to perform his full-length programmes. He is the first Belgian to officially join the Comedy Train. The general public was first introduced to cabaret performer Kristel Zweers for her participation in De Lama's in 2004, after which she successfully went on to perform in theaters. In 2013, she moved to Singapore and performed in the Asia-Pacific. Her highlight there was her English-speaking solo show at The Fringe in Perth.

Prepare yourself for an evening in which nothing is set in stone, and in which there is room for improvizing, testing ideas, philosophizing and, of course, telling stories that are rock solid.

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