Thu 28 May ’20 20:30

The Biggest Lawsuit On The Planet

Firma MES
Performance like a lawsuit about our climate
Thu 28 May ’20

One summer morning in 2016, Jayden F., a headstrong adolescent from Louisiana, discovers that her house has been flooded. She gets out of bed and finds herself standing ankle-deep in wet muck. 

Climate change has caused the storm that has now caused this damage to her home. With a group of like-minded young citizens, she appeals to the American government. Can the young Jayden present her case effectively enough for the judge to declare her right? What does it mean to launch a fight against something that is so much bigger than yourself? 

  • Location: Pand P (Leenderweg 65)
  • Excl. free drink


director Thomas Schoots / featuring Roos Eijmers en Lindertje Mans 

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