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Wed 27 May ’20 20:30

De Ontmoeting met de Verwarring

Meet Karlijn Roex in this live documentary
Wed 27 May ’20
  • Wed 27 May ’20
    Pand P Grote Zaal

In De Ontmoeting met de Verwarring you will meet someone with the label "confused person". Within the four walls of the storm room, you step into a live narration that blurs the boundaries between stage and grandstand and lowers the threshold between audience and speaker. What prejudices do you have about someone with deviant behavior? And what does your opinion of this person say about your own life?

Karlijn Roex studied at Oxford University and is a sociologist and writer. Karlijn was also a number of times labeled by authorities "confused behavior". What image do you allow to lead a meeting? Who do you see: the intellectual or the idiot? In this storm chamber, prejudices are peeled off layer by layer, attempts are made to catch the media storm surrounding psychiatry and the web of social codes is literally untangled. Maybe afterwards the story of the other turns out to be less away from you than you think?

  • Location: Pand P (Leenderweg 65)
  • Excl. free drink
  • Other Stormkamers on 16 October en 18 March


Karlijn Roex

Karlijn Roex (1989) is a researcher, writer and activist. In the past year she mainly gained name recognition as a speaker and publicist in the "confused persons" debate. In it, people with deviant behavior are often dismissed as dangerous. Karlijn reverses the perspective: is it not precisely the confused people who feel increasingly unsafe, by making stigmatizing headlines and the compelling expectation normal? In 2019 she published her book In verwarde staat, in which she combines personal experiences with a sociological analysis of society.

Theater company Stormkamer (formerly TgNomen)
A storm room is an encounter outside the red plush at the intersection of theater and society. With a fascination for friction and a preference for friction, director Hanna van Mourik Broekman brings different views together in one arena. Four walls, different truths, one dialogue: that is a storm chamber.

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