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Thu 5 Mar ’20 20:30


Jija Sohn
The Kyabajo is a flirtatious Japanese hostess
Thu 5 Mar ’20

The Kyabajo is a flirtatious Japanese hostess. She serves drinks, lights cigarettes and has intelligent conversations with hard-working men. But who has the power in this relationship?

Kyabajo is a visual solo in which the Japanese-Korean performer Jija Sohn (Kyoto, 1982) puts her own past as a 'Japanese companion' on the scale of power relations and frustrations. This performance instills the illusion of shady lightness. At the same time, Sohn seduces her audience in a game of oppression, power and liberation. 


"As a performer, Jija Sohn - glass stiletto heels, glittery nails, model curls - is undoubtedly masterful. Her images are beautiful, her minimal movements are to the point: controlled and a bit sexy in how she walks, bends or sits. From bar stools, she lets us look at various 'installations' that magnify the kyabajo phenomenon and emphasize the contrast between refinement and coarseness, between light and heavy." **** (De Volkskrant, Mirjam van der Linden after seeing the performance at Theaterfestival Boulevard 2018).

  • Location: Pand P
  • Excl. free drink 


a production by Dansmakers Amsterdam / co-production DansBrabant, Theaterfestival Boulevard & Podium Bloos via PLAN Talentontwikkeling

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