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Redo / Heritage

Illusionary Rockaz Company
Thu 24 Oct ’19 20:30 - 21:30
Dubbelprogramma van choreograaf en danser Shailesh Bahoran
Thu 24 Oct ’19
20:30 - 21:30
  • Thu 24 Oct ’19
    20:30 - 21:30
    Pauze 20:45
    Pand P Grote Zaal
    Past event

Redo / Heritage is a double program made by the talented choreographer and dancer Shailesh Bahoran. In a short time he made a name for himself with controversial productions such as Lalla Rookh, Ignite and Aghori. Now he works under his own company: Illusionary Rockaz Company. 

The choreographer / breakdancer Shailesh Bahoran, an important innovator in the breakdance genre, developed the compelling production Redo together with this phenomenon from the breakdance world. A dance performance about inexhaustible willpower and iron discipline. About how nobody can determine what your limits are and limits disappear when your eyes are determined. Along a long and unknown road along endless vistas and unexpected valleys. A road on which the greatest opponent lies hidden in yourself.
The second choreography in this performance is the solo Heritage in which Shailesh Bahoran searches for his origins.

Illusionary Rockaz Company originates from the all-round break dance crew IRC that was founded in 1998 in Utrecht. Versatility has always been the characteristic of this collective that wants to become an important player in the Dutch dance world in the coming years, with Bahoran as the figurehead.

  • Location: Pand P (Leenderweg 65)
  • Excl. free drink 

''Breakdancer Redo tart zijn evenwicht in salto’s, handstanden en backspins.'' ★★★★



Credits Redo
concept & director Shailesh Bahoran / choreography Redouan Ait Chitt & Shailesh Bahoran / dance Redouan Ait Chitt

Credits Heritage
concept, director, choreography & dance Shailesh Bahoran


At his birth, Redouan Ait Chitt is 6-0 behind. Without any medical explanation, his body shows special abnormalities. His right arm is shorter and lacks the elbow joint. He has three fingers on his left hand and only two on his right. He misses his right hip, has a shorter right leg and walks with the help of a prosthesis. But Redouan does not believe in limits. Redouan does not believe in apologies. Redouan believes in himself and that is why he became an internationally acclaimed break dancer and motivational speaker: Redo.

Are the answers to his questions hidden in India, in Suriname or in the stories of his ancestors? The innovative dance maker investigates his Hindustani roots in a special way through breakdance and popping.